Donga Gali Pipeline walk is the most beautiful and fascinating tracking path located at a 10 minutes drive from Hotel Elites. Dong Gali track follows the pipeline from Donga Gali to Ayubia, a distance of 4 kilometres (one way), very easy walking track and takes 50 minutes having altitude around 8,200 ft. The track is a perfect location for families and the natural beauty with pleasant weather makes it one of the finest treks to visit.

Moto tunnel is located at the end of the pipeline track after exiting the gate from Ayubia side. The 250-feet long, 6-feet high and 4-feet wide tunnel carved out of stones and clay, is part of the longer ‘nature pipeline walk’ (a walk through the forests). The ‘Moto Tunnel’ was built in 1891 by the British rulers in Ayubia National Park.


The picturesque Lalazar in the Galiyat region not only provides a refreshing break in the summer but also has wildlife to see in the zoo. Located at a height of 9,000 ft. in Nathiagali, Lalazar park (start point) is located at a 5 minutes drive from Hotel Elites and is approximately 15 minutes uphill walk (one way) to reach. It is worth mentioning that the same track also leads to Mukshpuri — the second highest peak of the locality enabling hikers and trekkers to view Azad & Jammu Kashmir and Murree hills. The landscape of Lalazar boasts of thick natural forest, the mystifying call of birds and a meandering track along the hill to the Mukshpuri which leave long-lasting imprints on the minds of the visitors. Generally, tourists take the route to Mukshpuri through the forest from Donga Gali, but those taking a trip to Mukshpuri via Nathiagali may have the opportunity to traverse Lalazar.

An interesting idea would be to go to the top from one side and then descend from the other so one can see Lalazar as well. While doing so, remember to send the vehicle off to the other point i.e. Donga Gali or Nathiagali while you are trekking so that the vehicle is ready for you when you complete your descent. The Lalazar Wildlife Park is a focal point where prominent wildlife of the area can best be observed in a leisurely walk. In addition, the snow leopard provides the visitors an opportunity to see this rare, majestic, big wild cat whose habitat is the snowbound mountains of the northern areas in Pakistan.


Mushkpuri is the second highest hill of Galiyat at 9400 ft. above sea level after Miranjani and has two treks leading to the top. One starts from Nathiagali (5 Minutes drive from Hotel Elites) spiralling upwards through the beautiful green pine forest displaying natural beauty.

It takes 4 kilometres to reach the top from Nathiagali bypassing Lalazar National Park; this trek is less crowded of people but is longer and more difficult than Donga Gali route. Second trek starts from Donga Gali (10 minutes drive from Hotel Elites) which is comparatively easier and a 2.5 km (one way) to the Mukshpuri top. There is a water pond at the Mushkpuri top which gives beautiful reflection of trees and the sky.


Patriata is famous for its chairlift which is located at a 45 kilometres distance (2 hours drive) from Hotel Elites and is the highest point of Murree Hills which consequently is the highest point of Punjab as well. Patriata has a breath taking landscape and high forested ridges with deep intersecting valleys offer magnificent views of this naturally beautiful area. There is a chair lift & cable car system for transportation to the highest point. In winter all hills are covered with snow while in summer lush green scenes could be seen.

From New Murree to Patriata, you can take a chair lift and cable car which is about 7 kilometres long in total.


Harnoi is a small town located 10 km east of Abbottabad on the main Nathiagali Road and a 45 minutes drive when visiting from Hotel Elites. Surrounded by mountains and host to a pleasant weather, it is said to be the gateway to Nathiagali and the perfect tourist spot for a little picnic spree when traveling via Abbottabad route.

The town attracts a large number of visitors to its picturesque landscape and streams passing nearby where families gather at the edge to enjoy a hearty meal and rest their feet in the cold water. The Harnoi picnic point bustles with activities as kids treat themselves to fun filled activities on the merry go rounds, horse rides and other recreational fixtures.


Miranjani is the highest hill of Galiyat at 9800 feet (approximately) above sea level. The trek is a few minutes drive from the Governor House, Nathiagali (Five minutes drive from Hotel Elites) and has a total length of about 4.5 km (One way). This trek is little hard as you gain height at every step and almost at the angle of 60 to 65 degrees near the top as you start the last stretch of the trek. This trek is suitable for young ones above 14 years of age and adults with sound health. There is no water available on this trek so one must take water and good hiking shoes with a stick which may come in handy.

The entire journey is surrounded by tall blue pines and the sounds of crickets add to the excitement. On a clear day even one of the world’s tallest mountains Nanga Parbat, at a distance of more than 400 km can be seen shining with its snow clad peaks.


Nathia Gali’s St. Matthew’s Church is another beautiful piece of architecture that should not be missed. The wood-framed church was constructed under British rule and is over a hundred years old which is the primary attraction in Nathia Gali and a 20 mintues leisure walk from Hotel Elites. For three generations, a Muslim family has taken care of the church’s grounds and facilities. There is also a children park with different activities including zip-line opposite to the church.


Thandiani is located in northeast of Abbottabad in the foothills of Himalayas at a distance of 60 kilometres from Hotel Elites and takes approximately 1 hour & 45 minutes drive. The road leading to Thandiani hill station offers panoramic views of the natural splendour on this mountain range. “Thandiani” meaning “cold” in the local language is an amazing hill station for nature lovers and a popular tourist attraction to visit both in summer and winter.

Thandiani in summer offers lush green scenic views and in winter the snow-covered mountains look ravishing. The mountains around Thandiani are densely forested and leopards, monkeys, pheasants and flying squirrel to name a few, are among the local species
in these forests. Pack a picnic lunch and seek out at an ideal location in the great outdoors as there are no proper dine in restaurants at Thandiani top.


Namli Maira waterfall also known as Abshaar point is located in the foothills of the highest peak of Abbottabad District, Miranjani and is a 25 minutes drive from Hotel Elites. There is a stream of water flowing down in between the mountains with a couple of hotels and tea stalls. The real beautiful waterfall is a 15 minutes walk from the main spot and a must visit for families looking for a calm and quite place.